Umrah Pack for Children




Darussalam presents specialized Umrah Package for people aiming to visit the house of Allah for pilgrimage. Featuring quality and purposeful products, these packages are designed keeping in mind the basic needs of all pilgrims. Get everything you need for your Hajj in one bag from Darussalam.

Umrah Pack for Children includes the following products:

  • Kid’s Ahram
  • Ahram Belt For Kids (Al-Taiba)
  • Masnoon Hajj o Umrah Guide Book
  • Haji Soap
  • Muslim Prayer Skull Cap – Made in Turkey
  • Miswak With Holder Large
  • Finger Counter (white)
  • Tawaf Tasbeeh 7 Dana¬†(Design may vary according to the availability)
  • Non-alcoholic Itr


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